Coworking Spaces Are the Future of Office Life

If you’ve ever worked out of a coffee shop to get away from the house, feeling frustrated with the noise and atmosphere, then you should try out a co-working space in your area. These flexible, low commitment office spaces are growing rapidly at a projected 42 percent in the next year and revolutionizing the meaning of “workplace.”  

What a co working space is  

A co working space is a building that offers working areas for people who need affordable, reliable space outside of the traditional office, coffee shop, or home office. There’s a variety of groups and individuals from different professions, and companies sharing one building at any given time during business hours.  

Who uses the space? 

Startup companies  

A business in its first stages of operations won’t always be able to afford buying their own building, but they still need that collaborative environment to keep making strides toward eventually purchasing one. 


Freelance writers, photographers, and everyone else who doesn’t have a tie to any company, can benefit from the professional environment away from coffee shops and their home office.  

Working from home/telecommuting 

Growing trends in career decisions have a lot to do with flexibility. Working remotely via telecommuting is huge now. Individuals who telecommute frequently or all the time can now feel like they have a tangible office space every day to focus.  

The appeal of them 

Cost effective  

Most coworking spaces are rented by the day or month, with little to commitment. People who are unsure of their need for space over time can rent per day without fear of being looped into a contract. If you do choose to rent for a few months, it is far cheaper than buying your own space or renting a building.  

Different atmosphere 

As humans, we thrive off change and innovation. So many people are tired of the traditional workplace and desire to have the opportunity to work in different spots, not being tied down to one desk every day.  

Meeting other people  

Coworking spaces give people the opportunity to work next to people they’ve never met. There is a sense of community among those who seek out these unconventional offices, and some even host community events and mixers.  

Future of co working spaces 

Bigger spaces 

Physically, it’s projected that co-working businesses will purchase larger buildings and expand their locations to house more people as they find out about these spaces.  

Collaboration between companies 

There is potential for small companies using these spaces to interact and collaborate on projects. This can help those startup companies and others who need with small businesses.  

Next time you’re working from home and feel stuck in the house, and Starbucks just won’t cut it, see if there’s a coworking space near you! Oftentimes these places will give trial offers and starting discounts.  

Here are Ways to Increase Creativity in the Workplace

Regardless of what path you’re on, creativity will likely play a role in some sense throughout your career journey. Not every day will be a challenge, but sometimes, you can feel like there’s not a creative bone in your body. Embrace this advice, and see if it helps you welcome more creative energy into your work life.

Collaborate often

So we all had those nearly traumatizing group projects in college, but in the real world, collaborating with your teammates can have the opposite effect. This is where asking for help from your colleagues can help to increase your own productivity and imagination on a project. Sometimes all it takes is putting two (or more) brains together to gain new perspective and take a task to the next level.

Communicate more

Maybe you need a more flexible deadline. Maybe you don’t have enough direction for what it is you were tasked with. Maybe you simply need to swallow your pride and ask more questions. Whatever it is, identify the problem so you can alleviate any stress you’re experiencing, allowing for more room to be creative.

Try meditating

Leaders everywhere start their mornings by meditating, and if you haven’t integrated this wellness practice into your life, maybe you should (in the name of creativity). It can help clear your head of distracting thoughts, leaving room for more imaginative ideas to break through.

Take a break

I know people who seriously never take a lunch break, and I mean never. While a part of me understands—there are always things to be done—I have also learned the value in taking a midday break. Even if I’m just running errands or grabbing coffee (or buying shoes I 100% don’t need), an hour away from my work can provide me with that much-needed energy when I get back.

Create your own creative space

If your desk is void of any personality, consider adding things that inspire you—for me this includes a picture of Harry Styles and a motivational quote in French, but hey, it helps. If your desk decor isn’t cutting it, it doesn’t hurt to ask your manager for more flexibility when it comes to working in different areas that are more conducive to being creative.

Being creative means different things for different jobs, and what works for someone may not work for someone else. Try out these tips if you’re falling short in the creative department, and see if they help!