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How to Tackle Spring Cleaning in One Month

Care to knock out your spring cleaning in a month? It may seem impossible, but take it week by week, and you’re sure to have a sparkling clean house before April showers give way to May flowers.

Week One: Declutter
Decluttering is a big aspect of any cleaning project. Whether it be your closets, bathroom, basement, garage or other areas of your home, don’t leave this to the last week of your spring cleaning responsibilities. Decluttering and organizing should be done before any major cleaning, as you don’t want to be dusting and wiping things that you may not even end up keeping.

Week Two: Clean
After decluttering, it’s time to start deep cleaning and disinfecting your home. Do a wipe down of your countertops, furniture, and flooring. Don’t forget about those often skipped over areas—like the baseboards, dusty corners, and behind and under furniture. Break out the cleaners (better yet, make your own), put on a winning playlist, and you’re one step closer to making your home brand new again.

Weeks Three and Four: DIY or Remodel
A DIY project or a total remodel can take longer than a week, but is often a part of spring cleaning. When bins are stacked with winter’s goods and the counters are shiny again, you may decide you want to completely redo a portion of a room or an entire area. There are plenty of projects to consider—turning your typical storage bins into hanging shelves, making decorative trays to spruce up your decor, replacing kitchen hardware, or repainting areas in desperate need of a revamp.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a daunting undertaking. Break up your tasks in a reasonable order to get your home in tip-top shape for summer, and the months to follow!

Prepping Your Outdoor Space for Spring

As the weather warms up and you shift from indoor cocktail parties to outdoor BBQ’s, tidying up your space outside becomes a top priority. Whether you’re looking to make just a few adjustments or are in need of a major turnaround, use these tips to get your outdoor space in order this spring.

Re-touch the deck

Over the course of a harsh winter, your deck is naturally going to get a few nicks and bruises. Though it may seem hardly noticeable from day to day, the gradual wear and tear has likely taken a toll. To restore the liveliness of your deck, have it pressure washed and re-finished. Whether you decide to make it a solo project, or hire someone to do it, you’ll give yourself some space to enjoy your time with friends and family outside .

Carve out shady spots

While enjoying time out in the sun is a staple of springtime, having some space to relax in the shade is just as important. If you’re lacking natural shade from tree and bush cover, consider crafting out shady spots in your yard without the fear of splinters. Outdoor umbrellas make for a great, quick way to make some shade. If you’d like even more shady space, a pergola or a canopy will fit perfectly over a patio to let just the right amount of sun in.

Make some privacy

If your yard is left exposed to neighbors or if it is facing a busy road, making your space more private can be easily achieved in a number of ways. Most commonly, a high wooden fence will easily do the trick to create that added bit of seclusion. If you have a big, open yard, and prefer a more natural look, having greenery planted will certainly add some privacy to your space. There are a few ways to go about this. Hedges, for example, have been adding privacy to outdoor spaces for centuries, and still continue to do so. Unfortunately, a lot of work and patience is necessary to grow and maintain them, so be mindful of the labor necessary before making the investment.

Lighten up your night

Don’t let a sunset send your party inside. Install some lights outside to make it easy to spend time outside in the night time. Investing in tiki torches or an outdoor fireplace will make for a great way to provide light and naturally keep bugs from bothering you. Otherwise, invest in some solar powered lights to brighten walking paths and try accenting your deck or pergola with string lights to keep things illuminated when it’s dark out.

Update your furniture

If you’ve been using the same furniture outside for a while, it might be time to look at some new furniture. Though designed to be outside, your furniture has likely had to withstand a decent amount of wear and tear over the years and might have taken more damage than you realize. Try to keep an eye out for things that need to be replaced, or at least restored, before having guests over.

Hosting this spring is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, and with a few touch-ups outside, you’ll be having guests over in a place for everyone to enjoy.

Need some other home improvement ideas for spring? Try these gardening tipsand organization hacks!