Shower and Bathtub Trends to Look For

Your bathroom is a prime spot to relax and unwind. While you might consider your kitchen or living room the most important spaces to focus on, your bathroom has the potential to be one of the trendiest rooms in your home. Show off your personal style by upgrading to one of these bathroom trends that have grown in popularity this year.

Dam-less showers

Showers without dams simply blend into the rest of the bathroom. While a half-wall might separate the shower area from the rest of the room, dam-less showers still make for an open, spacious feel. If you choose to install this type of shower, you’ll need to get your floor redone so that it slants toward the drain to prevent water from drifting into other areas of the bathroom. This sleek look will make for a polished bathroom.

Floor-to-ceiling shower glass enclosure

Instead of a simple curtain, why not have a glass door as the entryway to your shower? Different from sliding glass doors that can accompany traditional showers, these showers lack the typical attached tub. Instead, these glass doors touch both the bathroom’s ceiling and the tiled floor that make up the rest of the room. Like the dam-less showers, this feature makes the shower feel more integrated into the rest of the bathroom for a modern feel.

Free-standing tubs

Although free-standing tubs were popular in the past before people started opting for shower-tub combinations, they’re making a comeback. You can opt for a claw-footed tub to give your bathroom a classic, vintage feel. If you’re looking for a more modern look, you can purchase a simple free-standing tub. These luxury items allow for longer and more comfortable baths that you can throw into your self-care routine.

New color schemes

This year, neutral palettes have been trending for bathrooms. The use of a monochromatic color scheme helps create a unified, modern-looking atmosphere. On the other hand, dark color schemes are also becoming big for bathrooms. Many people have started to design mostly black bathrooms for a polished, luxurious look.

Exposed shower plumbing

Exposed shower plumbing works well with light colors and adds an industrial element that some may look for in an otherwise uniformly colored room.

Statement features  

Whether it’s through flowery, brightly colored wallpaper or a bold piece of art, people are bringing stylish elements into their bathrooms. More and more people have begun to view bathrooms as luxury, spa-like spaces rather than using them for simple utility. This decor will add a splash of color and personality to your space.

Infrared saunas

If you’re looking to make a large upgrade, infrared saunas have gained popularity this year. The warm air provides the same health benefits as a regular sauna but takes up much less space in your home. Sit in your infrared sauna to sweat out toxins and relax all at once.

There are countless exciting bathroom design trends going on this year. Consider making one of these changes for some added flare.

Follow These Fitness Influencers for Instant Motivation

Instagram has become the place for the latest fitness tips and ideas. You can get lost in the thousands of pages claiming to have the best workouts and nutrition plans, and with so many fitness gurus out there, there is truly an Instagram coach for everyone looking to improve their health and wellness.


As a certified personal trainer, Itsines has used traditional and non-traditional methods to help her clients achieve pretty amazing results. She’s grown her following to more than 10 million through programs like Bikini Body Guide(BBG) and the latest, Bikini Body Guide: Stronger. The programs are flexible in both workouts and nutrition, and adapt as weeks go on to ensure progress, not stagnation. Itsines frequently shares user progress pics on her account, too, for inspiration.


For many, one of the biggest struggles in starting a new fitness regimen is simply getting to the gym. Memberships can be expensive, and a crowded place with complicated equipment can be intimidating for beginners. That’s why people are obsessed with fitness blogger and Pilates instructor Cassey Ho, and her website Blogilates. Fun, energetic home workouts make you forget you’re breaking a sweat, plus, Ho includes a monthly, easy-to-follow calendar that helps you plan ahead.


Mari’s story is particularly inspiring for people who are starting their fitness journey from a difficult place and are unsure of their self-worth. She’s lost nearly 80 pounds through weight training and improved nutrition, and shows her followers a realistic way to achieve their goals without sacrificing anything. She’s also all about incorporating the outdoors into your fitness routine, which can be great for people who don’t want to be in the gym every day.

Jay Cardiello

Jay Cardiello is an author, a TEDx presenter, and a father, but he’s also a certified trainer and spokesperson who is all about motivation. His page isn’t full of a bunch of photos of him lifting weights or drinking protein shakes. Instead, it’s full of inspirational messages to encourage you on your fitness journey. If you need a break from scrolling through pictures of oiled up muscles and squat videos, follow Cardiello.

Dylan Werner Yoga

Even seasoned yogis will be impressed by certified yoga instructor Dylan Werner’s moves. His Instagram is full of insane poses in exotic locations, inspiring you to push the limits of your fitness but also your sense of adventure. If it’s a holistic, mind and body approach to wellness that you’re looking for, Werner delivers the tools and motivation to get you to where you want to be, physically and mentally.