5 Ways to Get Your Home Winter-Ready with Hygge

Winter is a tough time for our well-being. Hygge (hoo-guh), a Danish lifestyle concept that emphasizes comfort, minimalism, togetherness, and coziness, is your secret weapon for preparing your home for winter. Shut out the cold with plush throws, pleasant scents, and wooden accents.

cat lying on blanket

Create a cozy atmosphere with textiles 

Textile art was a major trend in winter 2019, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Display a macrame tapestry to make your space feel comfortable and welcoming. Cuddle up with a wool throw and hot chocolate to save on heating costs. On stressful days, decompress underneath Bearaby’s weighted knit blanket. Hygge emphasizes spending time with friends and loved ones, and floor pillows make your living space more inviting for guests. Pile a few patterned wool throw pillows on the sofa to unwind together.

row of lit candles

Heat up your home with candles 

Candles create a beautiful Hygge inspired space. If you don’t have a fireplace, grouping candles on your mantle or coffee table creates the illusion of a large flame. Light a few citrus scented candles on your nightstand to unwind after a long day. For a magical atmosphere, wrap fairy lights around a grouping of glass candle holders. Take note that traditional candles emit chemicals that are less than ideal for you and the environment—soybean wax burns cleaner.

gallery wall with plants

Add wood accents to your space

Hygge reminds us to connect with the natural world, and wood accents are perfectly inviting. Wooden coasters add a touch of rustic charm to your coffee and end tables. Black walnut serving bowls are great for serving snacks, but are still elegant enough to use at the dinner table. Lay out geometric wooden tea light holders to mix contemporary with countryside. If you enjoy working with your hands, try log candle holder crafts for a fun Hygge challenge. Twig bundles are cost-friendly, easy to dress up with metallic twine, and are a crafty alternative to wooden picture frames.

essential oils bottle

Soothe the soul with essential oils

The Danes can’t do without comfort. Hygge prioritizes downtime, and an essential oil diffuser makes your space more calming. Peppermint and lavender essential oils are universally pleasant scents with a wealth of benefits. Peppermint oil is an all-natural remedy for killing winter cold germs and refreshing the air, while lavender oil is ideal for easing anxiety. Eucalyptus oil emits a stronger scent and acts as a decongestant. Vitruvi’s stone essential oil diffuser offers all the minimalism and organic feel of Hygge.

reading with a cup of tea

Hide from the cold in your Hyggekrog 

If you lead a busy life, channel Hygge to take care of yourself. The Hyggekrog is a “nook” where you can escape the demands of work, family, and winter weather. To create your own Hyggekrog, decorate your favorite space with accents that give you comfort. Display your favorite photographs in wooden frames. Stock the den or the living room with a basket of slipper socks, an oversized sweater, and a fleece electric blanketLay out a book with glossy pictures of sand and surf to ward off the winter blues. Nothing takes the chill off like self-care.