New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Parents

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Ultimate Pet Lovers’ Gift Baskets

Being the parent of a pet is a lot like being the parent of a human—there are a lot of things to buy. But if you’re ever out of gift ideas for your pet-loving friend, a gift basket stocked with everything they could need is a great option! They and their pet are sure to thank you.

Puppy Parent Basket
New puppies can be a handful, and knowing what necessities to buy can be a little overwhelming for new owners. Help them get a handle on it with this basket that has everything they could ever need.

  • Picture frame
  • Tennis ball/chew toys
  • Stuffed pillow
  • Bones

Feline-Friend Basket
Cats will go crazy for this fun basket made special for them. There’s yarn and catnip for playtime, not to mention homemade treats in their favorite flavors!

  • Yarn ball
  • Feather toys
  • Catnip/treats

Busy Birdy Basket
Bird owners, watchers, and their feathered friends will love the tasty DIY suet cakes and cozy new home in this basket.

  • Suet cakes
  • Feeder
  • Bird book
  • Seeds

Happy Horse Basket
Any horse-lover knows the way to a horse’s heart is through their stomach, so this basket with apples, sugar cubes, and other treats is guaranteed to put a big grin on their face. You can also add a fun printed scarf for your loved one to show their love for their pet!

  • Apples/carrots
  • Brush
  • Horse-printed scar

Good-Doggie Treat Jar
Homemade treats are a great option for any pup, but can be especially useful for owners who’s pet is on a restrictive diet. Fill a jar with cookie cutters, and the instructions for these treats so your loved one can make their dog’s day! PRINTABLE GIFT BASKET TAGS

Try making one of these baskets for your pet-loving friends and family, and snap a picture of your homemade gift to post on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #ALMcreate.

Defeat Your Dog’s Anxiety

It’s normal for a dog to be sad when his owner leaves but excessive crying, chewing, and ruining furniture? Not so much. If you believe your pup might be suffering from separation anxiety, these are the tell-tale signs and how to deal with it.

Is it actually anxiety?

Not all anxious behavior can be linked to a real issue with separation. Sometimes, bad behavior is just that, bad behavior, which can be fixed with training.

The warning signs

  • Extreme destruction (e.g. consuming indigestible objects, urinating or defecating, ripping at furniture)
  • Scratching or clawing at themselves to the point of injury
  • Attempting to escape or hiding
  • Loss of appetite

How can I stop it?

  • First, address the issue with your veterinarian who can accurately diagnose your pet with anxiety.
  • Eliminate fear slowly by reconditioning the dog with interactive toys or high-quality treats while you’re gone.
  • Be consistent. Make their environment the same each time you leave so that they are less likely to get confused or scared (e.g. leaving a light on or music playing).
  • If the anxiety does not seem to be subsiding, consult with a vet about the potential benefits of medication.

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