The Landscaping Handbook

Having a yard can be both a blessing and a curse. The extra space is nice, but how can you make sure it’s properly cared for? These golden rules of landscaping can help ensure your lawn looks pristine all season long.

Work your way out

Your home is likely the largest portion of your yard, so it’s important to work your way out from the base of the house to the edge of your lawn. It’s easier to start small, where your lawn begins, than to end up with a disproportionate landscape.

Implement the rule of threes

There’s a reason three flowers in a vase look better than two—the rule of threes states that, by grouping items in a trio, the arrangement is more pleasing to the eye. The same goes for your landscaping, so keep shrubbery, flowers, and decorative items in threes.

Find balance

Our eyes are naturally drawn to clearly defined patterns, so utilize balance and contrast for your lawn by edging out flower beds, keeping pathways free and clear of weeds, and adding walls or fencing around areas you want to keep separate.

Capitalize on color

Nothing makes a lawn stand out more than complementary colors. If all of your flowers and plants are one color, your yard will look dull. Keep color theory in mind when gardening, and choose greenery in harmonizing shades.

Prioritize your plan

You’re bound to hit a few snags on the road to creating your landscaping masterpiece, but by having a plan, you can make sure you stick to your vision (and budget)!

End of Summer Yard Cleanup

As the summer comes to a close, it’s a good time to do a little end of season cleanup to prepare for the fall season just around the corner.


To get ready for any fall planting to simply tidy up while you wait for spring again, clean out garden pots and dry out or preserve any, fruits, vegetables, or herbs you worked hard on all summer so they don’t go to waste.


Begin to prep your pool for close by vacuuming, cleaning filters, testing balance in the water, and safety storing pool floats and toys for the following year. Even if you plan on leaving these items out during warm fall weather, it can’t hurt to do some end of season cleaning!


Any repairs that need to be taken care of should be done before foliage begins to fall and the winter rolls around. Make sure you have a proper place to store items, or invest in furniture covers that can take on rain and weathering.


Organize your shed and put away tools, decorations, and items you no longer need out and readily available. Take this time to reorganize, and bring rakes and wheel barrels front and center so that when the leaves start to change and rougher weather heads your way you are good and ready to take on fall lawn care.


Make repairs now while the outdoor weather is still comfortable. Once harsher conditions roll around, damage will only get worse and your willingness to get outside and make the repairs needed will probably lessen.


Remove all decaying plants, and clean up any unwanted growth to prepare for fall plants to avoid having to deal with returning weeds in the spring.


Your lawn still needs water beyond summer months. Make sure your hose and sprinklers stay out, especially if you plan on planting or fertilizing during the fall.

Fall is a busy time of year, make sure you get organized and prep before the new season begins!