Top factors that influenced home buyer’s decisions in purchasing a house – Irvine homes for sale

Buying a house is one of the most significant decisions that we can make out of our life. As much as possible we want to make sure that we are purchasing the right property that would benefit our family and ourselves. If someone is interested in Irvine homes for sale, they’re likely to be looking for an active outdoor lifestyle with good schools and cafes. You may be surprised by the number of people who are influenced by factors other than price in Irvine residences. More people are pursuing homeownership now than ever before. Before anything else, was it the price, the amenities, or the location that attracted these people? Top factors that influenced home buyer’s decisions in purchasing the house would be:

First impressions

Before you take your wallet out of your pocket because you fell in love with the house picture on the internet. It is advisable to have a house visit or research on the property first.  In a world of advanced technologies when a buyer can easily browse his/his mobile phone or laptop and look for a home for sale at the desired location. We may get easily attracted to its interior design or how it presented on the internet. And often would not like the house once visited. It still best to schedule an appointment to brokers. Person-to-person encounters.



Our cultural beliefs play a significant role in buying a home whether you’re a big or small superstitious type of person. Chances are you’ll get more into details at every corner of the house you’re buying. The number “13” would be a big deal for you. Some people might not schedule to move or buy a house if it’s dated the 13th on your calendar. Or at the house visit if the stairs -if available; is facing the front door. It could be a sign of bad luck.  Other people would also check for insects inside the house. Ants represent financial fortune, bees represent fire down the road, and a bird slamming into your window indicates a piece of bad luck to come.


Aesthetic appeal

When thinking about purchasing a house, we are buying into a lifestyle. Some people will say that “we are what our house is.”  It’s becoming an increasing consideration for homeowners as bills continue to rise, and energy efficiency is now in more demand. It is also good if the house that we would like to purchase is move-in-ready and has less renovation needed. Nobody wants to live in a house full of repair after months of moving. Laguna Niguel Homes for Sale would also be on your list if you’re looking for an aesthetic appeal factor.

Good neighborhood

A property would be considered a good neighborhood if we are benefiting a lot of things out from it – not just today but also in the future even after we decide to move on. Research also plays a big impact on this factor. You would need to ask the people if how is their lives living in the community. Ask everyone who’ll talk with you about the crime, noise, traffic, neighborhood issues, and general pros and cons. The array of businesses, home improvements, an organized community, walkable – safe for everyone,  close to work and school are within reach for kids these are signs that a community is in a good neighborhood.

Looking for a house that you might want to buy is fun. If you’re in the buying stage at this moment. Ask for help to people experts in real estate. Cotier Properties Group has a large list of residences you would want to live in the California area. Discover the latest trends in real estate with the help of these people.