A Subtle Way to Decorate for Fall

Not all fall decor has to entail a full red, orange, and yellow interior makeover. You can achieve the autumn look in your home in more understated ways, too.


Glass half full

Glass canisters can be filled with a number of fall decor pieces—painted acorns, pinecones, leaves, branches, tiny pumpkins—and will make your dining room or kitchen table instantly look classier, the fall way!


Blankets and books

Nothing says beckoning in the season of fall like cozying up on the couch with a large blanket and a page-turning read. Stacking books can make for a great centerpiece for coffee tables, and draping blankets over the couch makes anyone feel instantly at home.

Rustic white

White adds a cozy, rustic aspect to the home that, when combined with other fall colors, can make for a magical interior space. If bright white isn’t for you, focus on off-white, gray tones, or soft yellows, which can accomplish the same feel.



Bringing the outdoors inside is key to finding that perfect medium when adding fall touches to your space. This could include woodsy elements: birch log bundles around the fireplace, pinecone and acorn centerpieces, or DIY moss terrariums.

Taking Your Decor from Summer to Fall

With summer on the outs, it’s time to think about switching up your decor in time for fall. Colors are shifting, leaves are falling, and the weather is turning. Take inspiration from the great indoors and switch-up that interior!

Make easy switches

Accents like throw pillows, sheets, and blankets are great ways to add autumnal colors into your home. Warmer colors like shades of red and orange are ideal, and can really bring that fall touch into your living space.

Use this as an excuse to clean

Spring cleaning doesn’t mean that a giant declutter project only happens in the spring. While you’re in the middle of taking down the old and putting up the new, clean your space as well. Dust off the mantle, sweep the floors, and ensure that you have a blank canvas going into this interior switch-up.

Fragrant fall touches

Few things take us to a new season quite like certain smells. Candles like ground cinnamon, chai, sandalwood, pecan pie, and of course, pumpkin spice, are scentsational additions to any home!

Consider adding lighting

The days are slowly, but surely, getting shorter, meaning you may want to think about putting additional lighting around your home. Even something as simple as tea lights or small lanterns could make a big difference when the sun sets.

Take inspiration from nature

Fall foliage is one of nature’s finest gifts, so why not put it to use? Get crafty and save money all at the same time. Clay leaf plates and a foliage garland are great ideas to get you started. Take a stab at this fall bucket list for even more inspiration to bring into your home.

Making the Most of Your Hallways

Hallways are often underutilized spaces in the home. Since most of us simply use hallways as pathways to other rooms, we fail to treat them as rooms themselves. While it wouldn’t make sense to set up a couch and TV in a hallway, you have the potential to optimize this valuable space.


If you’re aiming to make your space feel bigger and more open, a large mirror is a wonderful asset to your hallway. Not to mention, when you’re getting ready to leave your home, you typically have to pass through at least one hallway. This helpful placement will allow you to check how you look one last time before leaving. If your goal is to make the mirror into more of a decorative piece, try draping flowers or lights around its perimeter.

Window seats

If you’re lucky enough to have a hallway adjacent to a window with a wide base, place decorative pillows or cushions along the base. A window seat is the perfect spot to sit and relax for a little while, whether you’re reading a book or just looking out the window. This encourages people living in your house to spend a little extra time in the hallways, making the space more inviting.

Hidden storage

An end table with drawers serves as an excellent tool for utilizing your hallway for storage without crowding or cluttering the space. Maybe you have a few items in your home that don’t seem to have a designated place. Whether it’s the family photo album collection or miscellaneous decorative notepads, an end table is a discreet place to store items while adding character to the hallway.


We don’t often think of hallways when decorating our homes. This can leave hallway walls looking barren. If you have a few favorite art pieces, a family portrait, or photographs that you can expand and frame, adding this type of décor to your hallway walls will add style to your space. If you have a small sculpture or another form of 3-D art, you can place it on a small table in your hallway. This will make the area much more interesting.


If you have the space, time, and resources to install shelving, consider making this upgrade to your hallways. You can add bookcase shelving that hugs the wall if you want to turn a piece of your hallway into a mini library. If you’d rather, you can install small individual shelves attached to the walls that can hold plants or art pieces. Shelving will add dimension to your hallway and give you a reason to stop and admire your space instead of just passing through.

Though often overlooked, your hallways can become some of the most interesting rooms in your home. Make a few of these changes if you want to utilize your hallway space in creative ways.

Vintage Home Decor Trends

In with the new? More like in with the old, at least, according to trends popping up in the interior design world. Vintage is making a comeback in homes nationwide, so why not incorporate some of these old-school elements into your space, as well? From fabric choices to color palettes, broaden your horizon with these trending interior options.

Bring on the velvet

There’s a luxurious quality in adding velvet touches to your home that other fabrics just don’t achieve. A sofa or a love seat could help bring velvet into your space, but if the splurge on a piece of furniture isn’t in your budget, consider throw pillows, poufs, or even curtains for a dramatic look.

Light it up

Do you have artwork you want to show off? Is your gallery wall not getting enough light to truly bring out the quality of the pieces? Think about putting light fixtures on the wall to enhance the artwork you have. While this used to be considered a dated effect, it’s something that many homeowners are bringing back to distribute light to decor that isn’t being put on display properly.

Accessorize with antiques

If your grandparents’ vintage luggage is sitting in the attic collecting dust, think about turning those timeless pieces into functional accessories instead. Repurpose to use for a coffee table, a bedside table, or even get crafty and turn a suitcase into a bar cart. Accessorize using other antiques that you or other family members may have lying around, and watch as your home transforms into a truly unique space.

Bold is the move

Neutrals—specifically all-white kitchens, muted living rooms, and earth-toned bathrooms—have been all the rage for the past few years, but color is finally having its time in the spotlight. Color schemes, reminiscent of the ‘40s and ‘50s, are making a comeback, and are great for really making your interior pop. Don’t be afraid to breathe more life into your home via bright- colored paint or patterned wallpaper.

Consider these vintage home trends to add more personality to your interior while paying homage to some iconic eras.