Serve up Coffee in Style

Offering your guest coffee is a fun, rewarding experience when you have a pleasing looking at home coffee bar. There are so many ways to go about this trendy interior design, so read these tips to make the most practical, impressive coffee bar. 

Invest in a single serve coffee maker  

Having to brew an entire pot of coffee whenever you offer a cup to someone is not only time consuming, but it’s wasteful. Invest in an inexpensive single serve coffee maker. Brands such as Keurig have changed the coffee game by introducing a quick, efficient way to give people endless options to brew a cup in a minute. With a single brew system, you can have a variety of roasts and flavors available for people at the touch of a button.  

Have a variety of roasts 

Don’t forget the tea and decaf. Having a coffee bar shouldn’t just include the caffeinated treat, but it should also have some teas and decaf options too. It’s all about accommodating everyone who walks through the door, including yourself.  

Hang up mugs 

Consider displaying your mugs with hooks on the wall or on a rotating mug tree. For a more polished look use solid color mugs and stray away from mugs with logos and words.  

Store cream, sugar, and other stirins in a visible place  

Storing the accessories for a coffee bar is all about presentation. First step is to put in shelving. Use wire baskets, glass jars, and other see-through storage containers. Add a legible label so people don’t have to search through unlabeled, confusing storage to fix their cup to their liking.  

Make it presentable 

Personalize your station with artwork, fresh paint colors, and decorative items. Impress your guests with your interior design skills. Searching at home coffee bar on Pinterest is a good place for design inspiration.  

Make your home an inviting place for all who come through by following these tips for an at-home coffee bar. No matter what design, storage, or coffee you choose just remember to offer a cup.