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Spooky and Sustainable Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of the most festive holidays of the year, but there are plenty of reasons to rethink traditional decorations. Making your own decorations cuts back on plastic and other materials that can harm the earth. Get your home Halloween ready with these eco-friendly crafts and accents!

A few tips on sourcing your supplies 

Forgo expensive Halloween pop-ups this season and shop local. Farmers markets usually sell gourds, mums, and pumpkins for cheap. Thrifting is a fun way to find unique accents and fabrics. Antique shops are another resource for old picture frames, bottles, candle holders, and lamps to recycle into eerie Halloween decor.

10 craft and accent ideas for a green Halloween 

1. Before you recycle your old black trash bags, check out this adorable spider web craft. Unlike fake spider webs, trash bag webs don’t pose a threat to owls, bees, and other wildlife. Love to knit? Repurpose extra thread into webs on bushes and trees.

2. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, give your guests a cute and creepy pour with jack-‘o-lantern wine bottles. Make the table even more festive by repurposing small pumpkins into sparkly place cards. For an understated look, find supplies to make this eerie centerpiece at the Dollar Store.

3. Evoke the chilling atmosphere of haunted hayrides by decorating stacked hay bales with gourds, mini-pumpkins, and corn stalks. Cut up old autumn-colored flannels and drape them over single hay bales. After the season ends, you can recycle your hay into compost.

4. Bright orange, green, and purple might not mesh with your home. Hang up a black twig wreath to keep it chic and make it spooky. Collect branches in your neighborhood to make this no-fuss craft, or buy this beautiful hand wrapped wreath by GNVDesigns.

5. Save your old sweaters from the donation pile – cable knit pumpkins are chic, eco-friendly accents for the patio and the dining room.

6. Transform old tin cans into spooky luminaries by following this easy DIY tutorial. This craft is a great alternative to paper bag luminaries, which are more likely to fly away and turn into litter.

7. Black cats are a Halloween staple. This black cat carved from recycled wood by SoAddictDecor will charm trick or treaters and guests alike.

8. Ring in the season of the witch by hanging witch hat luminaries around the front door. The tutorial recommends buying cheap hats, but making your own out of cardboard is even more Earth conscious.

9. Set out soybean skull candles by StoryofTheScent to create a chilling atmosphere. Halloween stores sell candles made from paraffin wax, which emit chemicals that pollute the air. (If you don’t like skulls, decorate your end tables with sweet pumpkin head candles by Hickoryhillcandle.)

10. Mason jars are so multifunctional — you can even use them to make a ghoulish apothecary in your kitchen. Simply fill your mason jars with a combination of moss, glycerin or vinegar mixed with food coloring, and throw in creepy items like doll parts and old toys. To go the extra mile, decorate your mason jars with authentic looking labels.

Taking Your Decor from Summer to Fall

With summer on the outs, it’s time to think about switching up your decor in time for fall. Colors are shifting, leaves are falling, and the weather is turning. Take inspiration from the great indoors and switch-up that interior!

Make easy switches

Accents like throw pillows, sheets, and blankets are great ways to add autumnal colors into your home. Warmer colors like shades of red and orange are ideal, and can really bring that fall touch into your living space.

Use this as an excuse to clean

Spring cleaning doesn’t mean that a giant declutter project only happens in the spring. While you’re in the middle of taking down the old and putting up the new, clean your space as well. Dust off the mantle, sweep the floors, and ensure that you have a blank canvas going into this interior switch-up.

Fragrant fall touches

Few things take us to a new season quite like certain smells. Candles like ground cinnamon, chai, sandalwood, pecan pie, and of course, pumpkin spice, are scentsational additions to any home!

Consider adding lighting

The days are slowly, but surely, getting shorter, meaning you may want to think about putting additional lighting around your home. Even something as simple as tea lights or small lanterns could make a big difference when the sun sets.

Take inspiration from nature

Fall foliage is one of nature’s finest gifts, so why not put it to use? Get crafty and save money all at the same time. Clay leaf plates and a foliage garland are great ideas to get you started. Take a stab at this fall bucket list for even more inspiration to bring into your home.

Set the Seaside Scene

Your beach party would be incomplete without nautical-themed decor! A shark photo booth and colorful hanging umbrella balls are the perfect touch to bring your guests right to the seashore.


Shark Tooth Photo Shoot

Take some snapshots of your guests in the mouth of one of the ocean’s most notorious creatures! This DIY handheld photo booth will be the hit of your beach-themed bash—guaranteed.


  • Foam board/poster board
  • Pencil
  • Gray, white, black, and red paint
  • X-ACTO® knife


  1. Create the shape of a forward-facing shark face on your foam board or poster board.
  2. Where the mouth of the shark will be, cut out along the inside of the teeth and mouth to create an open space for the frame.
  3. Paint the body of the shark gray and white, and the eyes black. Keep the teeth white, and add a line of red around the base of the teeth, if you desire.

Hanging Beach Umbrella Balls

Breezy striped umbrellas are an iconic site on beaches across the country and a great way to add some color to your get-together.


  • String
  • Flat thumbtacks
  • Glue
  • Styrofoam balls in varying sizes
  • Mini drink umbrellas


  1. Tie a piece of the string to a flat thumbtack, and place a small drop of glue onto the underside of the tack. Place the tack into the top of one of the Styrofoam balls.
  2. Open the drink umbrellas, and place the ends into the Styrofoam ball randomly until it is completely covered.
  3. Repeat the steps until all of the Styrofoam balls are covered in the umbrellas, and hang sporadically around your beach party.

Making the Most of Your Hallways

Hallways are often underutilized spaces in the home. Since most of us simply use hallways as pathways to other rooms, we fail to treat them as rooms themselves. While it wouldn’t make sense to set up a couch and TV in a hallway, you have the potential to optimize this valuable space.


If you’re aiming to make your space feel bigger and more open, a large mirror is a wonderful asset to your hallway. Not to mention, when you’re getting ready to leave your home, you typically have to pass through at least one hallway. This helpful placement will allow you to check how you look one last time before leaving. If your goal is to make the mirror into more of a decorative piece, try draping flowers or lights around its perimeter.

Window seats

If you’re lucky enough to have a hallway adjacent to a window with a wide base, place decorative pillows or cushions along the base. A window seat is the perfect spot to sit and relax for a little while, whether you’re reading a book or just looking out the window. This encourages people living in your house to spend a little extra time in the hallways, making the space more inviting.

Hidden storage

An end table with drawers serves as an excellent tool for utilizing your hallway for storage without crowding or cluttering the space. Maybe you have a few items in your home that don’t seem to have a designated place. Whether it’s the family photo album collection or miscellaneous decorative notepads, an end table is a discreet place to store items while adding character to the hallway.


We don’t often think of hallways when decorating our homes. This can leave hallway walls looking barren. If you have a few favorite art pieces, a family portrait, or photographs that you can expand and frame, adding this type of décor to your hallway walls will add style to your space. If you have a small sculpture or another form of 3-D art, you can place it on a small table in your hallway. This will make the area much more interesting.


If you have the space, time, and resources to install shelving, consider making this upgrade to your hallways. You can add bookcase shelving that hugs the wall if you want to turn a piece of your hallway into a mini library. If you’d rather, you can install small individual shelves attached to the walls that can hold plants or art pieces. Shelving will add dimension to your hallway and give you a reason to stop and admire your space instead of just passing through.

Though often overlooked, your hallways can become some of the most interesting rooms in your home. Make a few of these changes if you want to utilize your hallway space in creative ways.

How to Display Your Child’s Art in Your Home

When your child marches through the door from school proudly holding up a painting they’ve made in art class, it’s completely adorable, but you might not know what to do with the art. Of course, you can keep some of it in storage bins so that you can reminisce later in life, but you might feel like you need to display at least some of your child’s artwork in your home so that they can see you’re proud of them. How can you do this without completely throwing off your home’s aesthetic?

Framing is everything.

Maybe your child isn’t a professional artist, but the right frame can make a haphazard finger-painting look like modern art. Shop around for frames that match the style of the room in which you’re trying to incorporate your child’s art. Even if the piece doesn’t exactly match the color scheme or atmosphere of the room, the frame can help it blend in just enough so that it doesn’t take away from the room’s design.

Location, location, location.

Maybe your child’s painting of a dog that looks more like a horse wouldn’t work so well in a classy living room or formal dining room, but what’s the harm in displaying the artwork in a more personal, private area of the home? You can hang your child’s art in your bedroom, your child’s bedroom, a playroom, or even your home office. It will make you smile without clashing with décor in any of the areas of the home where you might entertain guests.

A twist on scrapbooking

If your child’s art is small enough, you can make a scrapbook out of their work that you keep in a communal area like a living room. You can find a scrapbook with a sleek cover that complements the rest of the room, but keep all of your child’s work inside. This gives them the opportunity to show family members or friends multiple pieces of work. Choosing to put all of their art together also shows your child that you’re proud of them and value the art pieces they’ve chosen to bring home.

Take advantage of our digital world.

If your child brings home a ton of artwork, you aren’t heartless if you realize you can’t keep it all without it taking over your entire home. If your child seems to crank out artwork by the dozens, we suggest saving the pieces they seem to value most or the ones with the most sentimental value (Read: Those Mother’s or Father’s Day cards with their tiny handprints on them that actually make you tear up a little). Take pictures of the rest of the art, and keep it in one folder on your home computer. You can even set a favorite as the background or screensaver. This is the perfect way for your child to show off their work without it becoming overwhelming for your home’s capacity.

Kids bring home artwork from school or camp all the time, so follow the tips above to make sure your child knows you value their art pieces without accidentally letting their work overtake your home.