Go Pink with This Care Package

It’s not always easy knowing what to say or do for a person going through breast cancer. A care package can be the perfect way to show someone you’re there for them. These are some necessities to include in a care package that is sure to make a patient’s day.

A pack of batteries:
To keep you going and going.

Rubber bands:
To stretch you beyond what you thought you were capable of.

When you just feel like throwing something.

Playing cards:
To remind you to keep having fun during hard times.

For when you need a laugh.

For when you need a pick-me-up.

To help you hang in there.

To give you a burst of energy during the day.

Hershey’s Kiss:
To remind you that someone cares.

Paper clips:
To help you hold it all together.

To remind yourself you will be back to mint condition in no time.

Cotton Ball:
A cushion during rough times.

So you always have good luck.

To soak up all the worries that come your way.

To remind you to stick with it.