Six Attractions in Newport Beach You Can Enjoy All Year Round

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Being a resident of California, you are no stranger to the various beaches that the Golden State has to offer. But if you are looking to move to an area like Newport Beach, you likely have been wondering about all the other activities you can enjoy, aside from going to the beach itself and looking out at the ocean.

Newport Beach has many attractions that tourists from all over come to see, and they are very special to Newport Beach residents as they can enjoy these attractions any time they wish. With all that Newport Beach has to offer, you would be very glad to live here. Search for Newport coast homes for sale to enjoy the following local attractions.

Gondola Adventures

You can go on a gondola ride along Newport Harbor in an old school Venetian gondola. Take your partner with you to a relaxing lunch or dinner, soak in the sights, and enjoy a lovely time together in the afternoon or evening. You can even opt to have a singing gondolier accompany you or go for one that has a motor or a private canopy. Browse Newport coast homes for sale and you can enjoy viewing gondolas right in your backyard.

Environmental Nature Center

You know about Newport Beach’s perfectly golden sands, but the Environmental Nature Center is where you can go to find some greenery as well. First introduced in the year 1972, this center is home to 3.5 acres of forest, marsh, and desert life. Various animals, plants, and trees are perfectly preserved here. Here, you can go on a scenic walking trail, join a program, and explore their nature museum. The venue can also get rented out for parties and weddings, as well.

Balboa Village

Located on the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, this village is an old-fashioned amusement district made of two boardwalks: The Bayfront Boardwalk and Ocean Boardwalk. The boardwalks are always great places to take a stroll, shop, have fun, and eat. You can enjoy a fine Italian meal, buy some fine art, ride some roller coasters, and even rent a yacht, all in Balboa Village.

Newport Beach Vineyards and Winery

This 20-year old winery is located in the upper Newport Bay region and contains more than a thousand vines that occupy a third of the land owned. These vineyards create over ten thousand pounds of red wine every September, used to make popular wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Petit Verdot. The winery is open for public tours and tastings that lasts for as long as two hours.

Orange County Museum of Art

For a vast collection of art from all parts of California, there is this adequate museum with art that spans a number of decades. Enjoy 3000 of some of the most amazing photographs, sculptures, and paintings to ever come from California. New exhibits open frequently, and feature digital, industrial, and video art. Well known for its outreach in education, there are various educational programs to get kids and families engaged all year round. This museum is one of Newport Beach’s top tourist attractions.

The Spa at Pelican Hill

Living in California is not always glamorous, which is why you can at times use a luxury massage within an arm’s reach. The Spa at Pelican Hill provides personal training, day packages, wellness classes, and spas. Their spas feature saunas, herbal steam rooms, and saltwater tubs. Their masseuses can provide customers with deep tissue massages, reflexology, and many other procedures that can put your body, mind and soul at ease.