Orange County

Orange County Zoo inside Irvine Regional Park was first introduced during 1905 by J. A. Turner. The zoo only has red foxes at that time. Fifteen years later, the zoo started collecting other animals like mule deer. Before 1985, the zoo was named Irvine Park Zoo and later changed to Orange County Zoo which is now operated by Orange County. The Orange County Zoo features different species like birds, alligators, foxes, lions, snakes and other wildlife species. Many wildlife animals can be seen and encountered inside the Orange County Zoo.

Fun things are everywhere in Orange County. Parks, museums, beaches, shopping malls, restaurants, boutiques, and many more. Orange County is a place that has a total package of fun and adventures. That is why Orange County is the best place to live. There are many Orange County real estates or even Orange County homes for sale offered to the public. Interested buyers can look directly on different websites, but, make sure to contact only those who are a reliable real estate company like Côtier Properties to avoid any complications in the future because this matter deals about money.Come and witness the most extreme tourist vacation spots in Orange County where people gather to enjoy the best places in the State of California. On top of the list is the Disney California Adventure Park where everyone gets to bond with their favorite Disney Characters, try their breathtaking rides and enjoy spectacular entertainments from different Disney Characters. Kids and adults are welcome to participate in any events. Everyone is not restricted to go back to his childhood but, Disney California Adventure Park promotes unforgettable moments for every individual.

Extreme adventures await all vacationers. From parks, museums, beaches and more, Orange County offers an exciting adventure. In Orange County Coast, nothing can compare the beauty of its view. Long sandy beach within your reach that meets the ocean. The sea breeze that blows into your skin and the self-realization that gives you is the best feeling you can get. Amazing views are within your reach when you go to the Orange County Coastal areas. Surfing, wakeboarding, and other sports activities are just a few things you can do on the beach. There are so many things you can do that only Orange County can give you.

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