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Newport Beach CA, Pirate Coast Paddle Co., is an adventure company offering unique, memorable and the best stand-up paddleboard experiences such as kayak and SUP rentals, SUP lessons, kids camps, and group events for people of all ages. Started in 2009 at Newport Aquatic Center before moving to its current home at Newport Dunes, Pirate Coast is run by founder Mark Oehlman, who was formerly a firefighter and professional soccer player, and Tim Lukei, who is also a pastor at Mariners Church, with a full team of guides and instructors all dedicated to safety and creating a fun experience.

Stand Up Paddleboarding is now the trend activity off the coast, trying their nighttime SUP tours on boards equipped with LED lights that illuminate the water around you will definitely give you a great unique experience. This popular glow night tours were participants also wear glow sticks, adding to the luminescence will depart from Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina and traverse the Back Bay’s calm waters for about an hour on Friday and Saturday nights from June through September though sometimes they extend the tour until fall if the weather stays nice.

The night tour is not for beginners. The participants should have a firm grasp of paddling while staying upright on the board without falling into the water. Three to five instructors will guide you and your friends and family where everyone is staying together on their glowing board creating a big glow. While enjoying this cool and fun adventure, it can give you full body workout since almost every muscle of your body is used balancing your core from your leg muscles, stabilizing your gravity from arms, back, and shoulders while propelling the paddleboard in the water. It also reduces stress listening to the soothing sounds as you glide through the water, the sensation of actually walking on water, and the rhythm of your stroke and this allows you to connect with nature.

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