Join in and be social in Newport Beach through this nostalgic sport, kickball.

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Calling all social adults who want to have fun and release the pressure from work. In Newport Beach, this new diversion for adult professionals made them go out and connect with other adults. It is something they look forward to every week or after long day of work. Kickball, initially called kick baseball is a sport that was derived from baseball. Kickball was invented back in 1917.  For this tribe of adults in Newport Beach, they don’t even consider this as a sport. They just wanted to meet new people and have fun. Kickball instantly brings back childhood memories of days spent out on the playground, kicking and tossing that iconic red ball around the bases. This sport is a bit new to Beach City Sports members in Newport Beach. It started in 2017.


One good thing about kickball in Newport Beach is you’re not required to be athletic. It is a team sport, so there’s no pressure to hit the ball when it’s your turn to kick. No pressure if you’re not into sports. You can have a couple of people on the team who are athletic and kind of carry the team and the rest of the people, play your part as a team member and make it really fun to be there every week. What’s cool about playing such a large team sport is, Beach City Sports won’t mind your looks, gender, or if you just moved to Orange County because of work and right now you’re looking for Newport Beach homes for sale. A new resident is always welcome.  Just wear your workout clothes, and they’ll also provide you with team shirts so you can easily be distinguished in the field.


To know more about Beach City Sports

Beach City Sports has a lot to offer, popular sports such as flag football, volleyball and beach football are sports activities in the area that you can choose from. If you want to be part of these activities and you want to be part of the community, try checking these Homes for sale in the Port Streets in Newport Beach and Homes for sale in Tesoro Newport Coast.  Schedule a visit to these houses and experience an old-school customer service from the agents.