How to Display Your Child’s Art in Your Home

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When your child marches through the door from school proudly holding up a painting they’ve made in art class, it’s completely adorable, but you might not know what to do with the art. Of course, you can keep some of it in storage bins so that you can reminisce later in life, but you might feel like you need to display at least some of your child’s artwork in your home so that they can see you’re proud of them. How can you do this without completely throwing off your home’s aesthetic?

Framing is everything.

Maybe your child isn’t a professional artist, but the right frame can make a haphazard finger-painting look like modern art. Shop around for frames that match the style of the room in which you’re trying to incorporate your child’s art. Even if the piece doesn’t exactly match the color scheme or atmosphere of the room, the frame can help it blend in just enough so that it doesn’t take away from the room’s design.

Location, location, location.

Maybe your child’s painting of a dog that looks more like a horse wouldn’t work so well in a classy living room or formal dining room, but what’s the harm in displaying the artwork in a more personal, private area of the home? You can hang your child’s art in your bedroom, your child’s bedroom, a playroom, or even your home office. It will make you smile without clashing with décor in any of the areas of the home where you might entertain guests.

A twist on scrapbooking

If your child’s art is small enough, you can make a scrapbook out of their work that you keep in a communal area like a living room. You can find a scrapbook with a sleek cover that complements the rest of the room, but keep all of your child’s work inside. This gives them the opportunity to show family members or friends multiple pieces of work. Choosing to put all of their art together also shows your child that you’re proud of them and value the art pieces they’ve chosen to bring home.

Take advantage of our digital world.

If your child brings home a ton of artwork, you aren’t heartless if you realize you can’t keep it all without it taking over your entire home. If your child seems to crank out artwork by the dozens, we suggest saving the pieces they seem to value most or the ones with the most sentimental value (Read: Those Mother’s or Father’s Day cards with their tiny handprints on them that actually make you tear up a little). Take pictures of the rest of the art, and keep it in one folder on your home computer. You can even set a favorite as the background or screensaver. This is the perfect way for your child to show off their work without it becoming overwhelming for your home’s capacity.

Kids bring home artwork from school or camp all the time, so follow the tips above to make sure your child knows you value their art pieces without accidentally letting their work overtake your home.