Enjoy one of Mexico’s top wines in some Newport Beach Restaurants

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Crossing the border can be a stressful run to an exciting destination. It takes a lot of patience, allow yourself to wait in the line and present your necessary documents to be able to cross the border. Especially if you are planning to go to Mexico, strict compliance is highly required. Sometimes it could be a challenge, but this won’t matter if your traveling for a purpose. We travel either because of our job, family, a special someone, food or even for our favorite drink, a bottle of wine perhaps. Mexico is also known for their top wines.

Crossing the border to Mexico just to eat in your favorite burrito restaurant and drink to your favorite wine can be a bit hassle. Good thing that Several Newport restaurants are beginning to discover the wines from this burgeoning vineyard region and are enthusiastically adding them to their menus, making it easy to enjoy one of Mexico’s top wines without crossing the border.

Wine lovers can enjoy their scrumptious meals pairing with Baja California’s wine selections. To know more about these collections check what restaurants offering these bottles of goodness in this article from Newport Beach Magazine below.  Wouldn’t it be great to walk to one of these restaurants from your own home?  Search for a  home for sale in Newport Beach with our easy to use map search!

Link: http://www.newportbeachmagazine.com/tapping-mexican-wine-country/