Eager Anglers hooked on Newport’s coast

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Many around the world still fish with the simple goal of bringing home something to feed their family, others choose to partake in the sport for the thrill of the catch, with the added perk of fresh fish to take home.

If you’re into fishing, Newport Beach offers a departure point for some of the best fishing in all of Southern California.

Freelance is one of the boats offering fishing trips through Davey’s Locker and can venture farther off the coast to places where different types of fish are waiting. Aside from fishing guests got a good chance of seeing whales and dolphins.

For the next level of fishing, an overnight experience is a great way to make sure you come home with plenty of bounty from the sea. Catches change depending on the season, but, in general, species found off the local coast include sand bass, rockfish, halibut, yellowtail, calico bass, bonito, and barracuda. During the right times of the year, when warm waters roll in, yellowfin tuna can be caught father out to sea.

Here are more details about fishing at Newport coast. http://www.newportbeachmagazine.com/hooked-on-fishing