Stuck in the Renting Rut

If you’ve been renting an apartment for longer than you’ve had a Facebook, don’t worry—you’re not the only one. But if you’ve been teetering on the fence of buying or renting, going over the pros and cons, all whilst watching your friends settle into their own place, it might be time to say goodbye to the landlord.

It’s normal to be afraid to take the plunge into home-buying territory, but with the help of a great agent and a little research, you can determine if the time is right for you.

If you have a healthy savings account.
Perhaps the scariest part about buying a home is making the financial commitment, but if you’ve managed to save enough (and then some) to put a down payment of at least 10 percent, you should feel confident in your ability to make the purchase.

If you’re ready to commit.
Another common qualm about buying a home is the uncertainty of where you will be a year or two from now. However, if you have a steady job and are happy with the location, there’s really no reason for concern.

If the price is right.
An agent can help you determine whether or not the price you are looking to pay is reasonable for your specifications and needs in a home, but ultimately, if the market is favorable and you’ve found the right deal, there’s no better time than the present.

If you’re sick of pouring money into someone else’s pocket.
It sounds harsh, but if you’ve been renting for three, five, or even ten years, you have been spending thousands of dollars on something that doesn’t even truly belong to you when all is said and done. Sure, a mortgage is likely more than your current rent, but you’ll have a place to really call your own.

Autumn’s Best Buys

Fall begins the start of a busy shopping season, and though it’s still a few months off, many start collecting ideas for holiday gifts during autumn—and it’s not a bad idea. There are plenty of great deals this season that you might want to take advantage of!

Vacation packages
Now that summer is over and it’s not quite yet chilly enough for the droves of vacationers to head south for the winter, many airlines offer huge discounts to customers in September and October—that means discounts on hotel packages too.

Grills and Outdoor Furniture 
The end of summer also means an end to cooking and lounging outdoors. As sad as that fact may be, this is good news for those looking to purchase a new grill or patio set, which will be on sale during fall and winter.

When back to school time rolls around, most stores put items like jeans and outerwear on sale. Luckily, these sales come just in time to break last years’ denim back out and evaluate what you’ll need to stock up on.

As the holidays are approaching, many of us will ramp up our time spent in the kitchen, as well. Stores bank on this uptick in culinary interest with big deals on items like pots and pans, cutlery, and even appliances.

Bicycles and Toys
More time indoors means less time enjoying warm-weather activities, like bike riding, which puts most models (new and old) on sale during the fall. Retailers also like to kick-off the holiday season early by offering discounted toys and games as early as September.

Check These Items Off Your List Before You Close

Though it can be a stressful time in the home buying process, there’s no need to sweat closing on your home. Avoid any surprises on closing day by keeping these important tips in mind!


Cover all your bases by accounting for everything­: mortgages, extra income, car payments, HOA fees. Staying on top of your financial transactions prior to closing is really important, especially while things like loans are still being approved and processed. It’s important not to change anything that would heavily impact your financial state. Therefore, you should be paying close attention to what you are buying as you near closing.

Home value

Be aware of any outstanding projects. Invest some time in making sure there are no future renovations or changes in place that could significantly impact the value of your home.

Home warranty

Is the seller offering a home warranty? If not, it’s still important to have one. This is just an easy way to cover yourself in case a problem arises down the line. If the buyer isn’t offering it, don’t fret—it’s not something that should put a very big dent in your budget.

Change your locks

It can’t hurt to be extra cautious, as you never know who still is hanging on to a spare key­ from the previous homeowners. Call a locksmith and start fresh to take your safety a step further.

Pay attention to documents

Read over everything. While seemingly obvious, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with signatures and paperwork, so remember to slow down. Paying close attention now may save you from potentially more time-consuming trouble down the line.

Better Living: Choose Balboa Coves Home

Restaurant near Balboa Coves

Balboa Coves is in West Newport Lido Isle area of Newport Beach California where you can find the majority of the home located in here was built in the late 1940s and 1950s as vacation homes have come a long way yet it is still sturdy and safe to live. There were also new and beautiful houses that built last year. Balboa Coves homes will range in size of 1400 square feet up to around to 5000 square feet. Most of the homes are with two or three bedrooms, but now you can find many with four or six bedrooms intended for the more prominent families. Balboa Coves homes are considered by thousands of people the best place to stay with their family.

You can also choose homes for sale in Beacon Bay located in North, East London, and South Africa. Beacon Bay property has the largest selection of apartments, flats, farms, repossessed property, private property, and houses. But what’s more, catching is Home for sale in Balboa Coves Newport Beach that is most probable to sell rapidly. There are approximately 68 homes, and most of it has a view of the canals which can be located on the bay and in one cove it also has a sand beach. With this desirable area and beautiful community, might as well you choose Home for sale in Balboa Coves New port Beach for better living.

How secure Balboa Coves area to live?
Residences will have homeowner’s association dues per month to pay for the gate to the community and has websites intended for residents only. Balboa Coves is a hidden gem, extraordinarily private and unknown to many. People can walk at night alone without any fear and children can play any time in a day at the small park knowing that the place is much safer. But don’t worry if you cannot use your car, Fashion islands are about three miles away from Fashion Islands, so you can still happily feel the cold breeze as you drive your car with your favorite music were playing. So move in, relax and enjoy beachfront living without any worries for any thieves nearby.

Why Choose Balboa Coves?
Aside from the perfect security of Balboa Coves community, residents of Balboa Coves can enjoy excellent dining options that will bring you to the other countries food within walking distances such as Thai restaurant, China, and the winery. Besides, the rest of the restaurants are accessible by boat. Enjoy also walking in Mariners Mile and of course the swimming at the beach. There is nothing to worry about with comes to emergency cause Hoag Hospital is only walking distance from Balboa Coves.

Balboa Coves is a small community that has no drops of constant crimes, overpopulations, and pollutions. You can also build good relationships in here with your neighbors that will surely be there in times of your utmost need. So if you’re tired in the hustling and bustling stress of city life choose the home for sale in Balboa Coves.

Top factors that influenced home buyer’s decisions in purchasing a house – Irvine homes for sale

Buying a house is one of the most significant decisions that we can make out of our life. As much as possible we want to make sure that we are purchasing the right property that would benefit our family and ourselves. If someone is interested in Irvine homes for sale, they’re likely to be looking for an active outdoor lifestyle with good schools and cafes. You may be surprised by the number of people who are influenced by factors other than price in Irvine residences. More people are pursuing homeownership now than ever before. Before anything else, was it the price, the amenities, or the location that attracted these people? Top factors that influenced home buyer’s decisions in purchasing the house would be:

First impressions

Before you take your wallet out of your pocket because you fell in love with the house picture on the internet. It is advisable to have a house visit or research on the property first.  In a world of advanced technologies when a buyer can easily browse his/his mobile phone or laptop and look for a home for sale at the desired location. We may get easily attracted to its interior design or how it presented on the internet. And often would not like the house once visited. It still best to schedule an appointment to brokers. Person-to-person encounters.



Our cultural beliefs play a significant role in buying a home whether you’re a big or small superstitious type of person. Chances are you’ll get more into details at every corner of the house you’re buying. The number “13” would be a big deal for you. Some people might not schedule to move or buy a house if it’s dated the 13th on your calendar. Or at the house visit if the stairs -if available; is facing the front door. It could be a sign of bad luck.  Other people would also check for insects inside the house. Ants represent financial fortune, bees represent fire down the road, and a bird slamming into your window indicates a piece of bad luck to come.


Aesthetic appeal

When thinking about purchasing a house, we are buying into a lifestyle. Some people will say that “we are what our house is.”  It’s becoming an increasing consideration for homeowners as bills continue to rise, and energy efficiency is now in more demand. It is also good if the house that we would like to purchase is move-in-ready and has less renovation needed. Nobody wants to live in a house full of repair after months of moving. Laguna Niguel Homes for Sale would also be on your list if you’re looking for an aesthetic appeal factor.

Good neighborhood

A property would be considered a good neighborhood if we are benefiting a lot of things out from it – not just today but also in the future even after we decide to move on. Research also plays a big impact on this factor. You would need to ask the people if how is their lives living in the community. Ask everyone who’ll talk with you about the crime, noise, traffic, neighborhood issues, and general pros and cons. The array of businesses, home improvements, an organized community, walkable – safe for everyone,  close to work and school are within reach for kids these are signs that a community is in a good neighborhood.

Looking for a house that you might want to buy is fun. If you’re in the buying stage at this moment. Ask for help to people experts in real estate. Cotier Properties Group has a large list of residences you would want to live in the California area. Discover the latest trends in real estate with the help of these people.

How To Get People To Like Living Laguna Niguel Homes For Sale

Laguna Niguel has something for everyone. When visiting this area, you need to prepare a long list of things-to-do that will surely make you stay and not surprisingly end up wanting to stay for good. The weather in this area is like summer all year round. Sun and a great ocean breeze are waiting for everyone.  Most people in the area own their houses. Ever wonder why? Here’s a travel guide to explore the city and make you decide to stay to these houses in Laguna Niguel homes for sale.


Laguna Niguel Regional Park

Great way to walk, bike and hike with family and friends. A 5k trail for kids and a lake for dads who are into fishing, enjoy roasting a BBQ to the park’s roasting sites. Such a great place to bond and comes for all ages.  This park is open for everyone that you can take your dogs with you for a hike. There is also a soccer field, a tennis court, and a newly constructed pickleball court for everyone who would like to engage in sports. No wonder the Laguna Niguel was awarded the 2018 Parks and Recreation Project of the Year by the Los Angeles Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.


Seaview Park and Aliso Summit Trail

Aside from some houses in Orange County such as in Corona del Mar homes for sale and  Laguna Niguel homes for sale which mostly features panoramic ocean views. Laguna Niguel also has Seaview Park, and Aliso Summit Trail wherein beautiful coastal and canyon views are waiting for you when you reach to the top. It takes away stress and let yourself get close to nature. Lastly, you’ll love the sunset up there once you reach the top.


Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas Laguna Niguel

One way to relieve stress and express your love to someone is through a date.  Sit back and enjoy a movie date and experience the comfort of the cinema’s seats and delicious foods served at the comfort of your seats in Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas.


Massage Envy Spa Laguna Niguel Plaza

Don’t miss going to a spa when you’re in Laguna Niguel. They’ve been in the business for years now. They’re always concerned about their customer’s aches & pains, and make sure that they applied the right pressure according to their customer’s request. It’s still best that there’s a place in the community that helps to improve your overall health. By making massage part of your wellness routine, it can help increase energy and refresh your mental attitude.

Laguna Niguel Farmer’s Market

Every Sundays in Laguna Niguel, allows local farmers to gather and sell their fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables to the public. This event is also a great way to meet the locals and other residents in the area. With the same goal to contribute to the local farmers and of course living a healthy lifestyle. Laguna Niguel Farmers Market is on Sundays in 2018 between 8:00  AM and 12:00 PM. It is located at Plaza de la Paz shopping center at La Paz & Pacific Park.

Cotier Properties Group helps you find a perfect house in Orange County. They’ll make it easier for you to choose your dream home that fits your lifestyle and budget. Contact them today and start a coastal living experience.

Wine Events in Orange County This November

So, Halloween is over. And what’s next after this event? It’s Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. The question is, Do you already set your plans or “what-to-dos” on this particular day? Well, the majority of the people on this event prepare a special meal to eat at some point during the long weekend. This includes roast turkey. The Thanksgiving weekend is also a favorite time to take a short vacation or a visit to your loved ones in Orange County. One best way to celebrate Thanksgiving would be with your special someone or with your friends in special food and a bottle of your favorite champagne or wine.

This year would be very exciting for wine lovers In Orange County. For people living in these Homes for sale in Tesoro Newport Coast, this gives them an excellent opportunity to taste the different wines from different regions.  Check out these wine events lined-up for you in OC this November.

Nov. 9 – Formaglini Vineyards Pinot Noir Release Party

Santa Ana resident David de Lancellotti owns a vineyard in the heart of pinot noir country in the Chehalem Mountains of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Each fall, de Lancellotti releases his latest vintage with a party in the backyard of his historic Floral Park home. On Nov. 9, Formaglini Vineyards is releasing the 2016 vintage estate pinot noir and treasured 2016 Insieme red blend. To attend or inquire, email [email protected].

Nov. 10 – Hi-Time Wine Bar New Holiday Champagnes Releases

You’ll taste a panel of new bubbly choices for the holiday season as curated by Jim Duane, dubbed Mr. Bubblehead. With Hi-Time’s decades of experience buying for Orange County wine lovers, their sparkling recommends for the 2018 holidays are coveted. $35. 800-331-3005. I’d ink in the Nov. 15 vintage port tasting, too!


Check out more of these events in OC.

Take a side trip visit to these houses in OC; Newport Beach homes for sale and Homes for Sale in the Port Streets just an example of ideal houses in OC.

Experience the Luxurious OC Winery Tour

One of the things to do when you are in OC is to do a winery tour and wine tasting. Orange County’s premier craft winery tour company caters fun tour for groups taking a tour of the production facilities for both wine and craft beer. While at the winery, tourists can sample 4 different craft beers, enjoy the delicious food at the winery and play fun craft beer games. Tourists can also add options to their exclusive experience as they explore the beautiful estate with plush vineyards, elegance, and a dash of history in Giracci Vineyards and Cowboy Canyon Winery.

Grab your wine or craft beer tastings and explore the grounds. In the Canyons of Orange County is a stunning property called Rancho Las Lomas. You can enroll in Wine Tours to learn more about wine. If you’re looking for a place to celebrate for a special occasion with beautiful, breathtaking scenery and luxurious transportation and holding corporate events, you may contact their team at, and they will help you make it happen.

From taking wine tours, make a side trip in discovering Orange Coast neighborhood you may be interested in checking Newport Beach homes for sale, and Homes for sale in Tesoro Newport Coast, and Homes for sale in the Port Streets.  Cotier Properties will be glad to assist you.

OC’s Whiskey Classic 2018

Orange County has one of the best places for top-notch whiskeys. This type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash, aged in wooden casks will have an evening of celebration.

This coming November 15th, Thursday 6-8:30 pm calling all whiskey lovers for annual top-shelf whiskey tasting experience held at Porsche Irvine. Organized by Orange Coast Magazine and in partnership with Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home, Whiskey Classic 2018 brings you top-shelf whiskey tasting experience that gives you the chance to try a wide array of premium whiskeys. You’ll surely enjoy all the whiskeys of your favorite brands, food, fun activities and more.

For tickets and more information click this link Drink Responsibly. 

When you happen to be in Newport Beach you love Bosscat Kitchen Liberation where they offer a whiskey tasting room with an assortment of over one-hundred bourbon, Scotch and whiskey are from around the world, There are plenty of whiskey brands to discover as well that you haven’t heard. If you’re a whiskey drinker, consider this heaven.

Before you indulge in whiskey fest and pub hunting, you may be wanted to take also a side trip in looking for that house that you’ve been dreaming. Check Newport Beach homes for sale, homes for sale in Tesoro Newport Coast and homes for sale in the Port Streets. Cotier Properties team would love to assist and help you.

Standup Paddle and Glow at the Back Bay

Newport Beach CA, Pirate Coast Paddle Co., is an adventure company offering unique, memorable and the best stand-up paddleboard experiences such as kayak and SUP rentals, SUP lessons, kids camps, and group events for people of all ages. Started in 2009 at Newport Aquatic Center before moving to its current home at Newport Dunes, Pirate Coast is run by founder Mark Oehlman, who was formerly a firefighter and professional soccer player, and Tim Lukei, who is also a pastor at Mariners Church, with a full team of guides and instructors all dedicated to safety and creating a fun experience.

Stand Up Paddleboarding is now the trend activity off the coast, trying their nighttime SUP tours on boards equipped with LED lights that illuminate the water around you will definitely give you a great unique experience. This popular glow night tours were participants also wear glow sticks, adding to the luminescence will depart from Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina and traverse the Back Bay’s calm waters for about an hour on Friday and Saturday nights from June through September though sometimes they extend the tour until fall if the weather stays nice.

The night tour is not for beginners. The participants should have a firm grasp of paddling while staying upright on the board without falling into the water. Three to five instructors will guide you and your friends and family where everyone is staying together on their glowing board creating a big glow. While enjoying this cool and fun adventure, it can give you full body workout since almost every muscle of your body is used balancing your core from your leg muscles, stabilizing your gravity from arms, back, and shoulders while propelling the paddleboard in the water. It also reduces stress listening to the soothing sounds as you glide through the water, the sensation of actually walking on water, and the rhythm of your stroke and this allows you to connect with nature.

As you enjoy taking this outdoor sporting activity, you may be interested to live and look for Newport Beach homes for sale as well. Cotier Properties, a reliable real estate team, would love to assist you. You may also want to check homes for sale in the Port Streets and homes for sale in Tesoro Newport Coast.