Best Buys of the Summer Season

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You might already know that the best time to buy summer clothes is in the winter, and vise versa. But there are a ton of other items that, when bought during June, July, and August, can save you major bucks in the long run!

Gym Membership
Though more people may be working out during the summer months to stay fit for swimsuit season, the warmer weather brings the majority of fitness fanatics’ outdoors. This means gyms try harder to recruit new members with waived sign-up fees and discounted rates.

Christmas time is another big pull for tech companies, which tend to reduce prices for the holidays, but back to school time (end of July and August) is another big season for sales on items like laptops and cell phones.

Summer Fruits and Vegetables
It’s wonderful to be able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are actually locally grown this time of year—but don’t only think of these items in the short term. Most berries and vegetables, like corn and cucumber, freeze well, so take advantage!

Where most months of the year have a major holiday, July is one of a few months where gift giving is less likely to occur. Jewelry retailers tend to reduce prices and increase sales as a result, making the summer a great time to think ahead on these purchases.

With new models arriving in September and October, stores love to reduce prices on popular furniture items in July and August to open up space by the time fall rolls around. If you’re in the market for a new sofa, summer is an opportune time to buy.