Beat the Back-to-School Jitters

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From excitement to nervousness, the new school year can bring about an onslaught of emotions for your children. To ensure that they transition into the school year with ease, use these three ways to help them overcome their back-to-school jitters.

Stay calm. 
Kids can sense anxiety. If you as parents appear worried or stressed about the upcoming school year, your children may follow your lead. It’s best to stay calm and keep your emotions at bay to promote a calm and relaxing environment.

Create a schedule. 
Getting prepared for the new school year shouldn’t be the last thing on your mind. Give your kids time to adjust to the change by creating a schedule in the beginning of August. Gradually transition their sleep patterns and instill a morning routine.

Get familiar with the unknown.
Whether it’s a new building, teacher, or classmates, change can be intimating. Help your kids get acquainted with their new surroundings by taking advantage of school open houses. This way they’ll know their way around and recognize a few familiar faces come the first day of school.