4 Things To Ask About A Newport Beach Home For Sale With A Pool

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California has the weather to make it feel like summertime most of the year, if not all year round. With that said, you might be contemplating about moving and whether or not you’d like to move into a home with a lavish, pre-existing pool. As you may already know, pools are outdoor amenities that can not only make parties on the property more fun, but it can also spare you the trouble of going to a public pool or beach if you are ever in the mood to soak in some refreshing water.

There are always a number of Newport Beach Homes For Sale with outdoor pools, but here are some things to consider before buying a home with a pool that you like:

What Is The Pool’s Condition?

No doubt about it, a pool can dramatically raise the value of a home, especially in warm states such as California. However, it is also important to learn about aspects of the pool that might contribute to the price of the home overall. You need to know how old the pool is and how well it has been maintained. If a pool is something you’ve wanted with a home, it is important to know that it will cost more to buy a home and install or remodel a pool later than buying a home with a pool in good condition.

How Much Does The Pool Cost To Keep Running?

Duties involving pool cleaning and maintenance involve regulating chlorine and pH, maintaining the water level, skimming the surface of debris, and vacuuming the floor of dirt. You can pay around forty to fifty dollars per month by purchasing supplies to maintain the pool on your own, which saves you money, while it may cost two or three hundred dollars to hire a pool care service, which saves you time. What you decide to do should depend on your lifestyle and how much free time you have to take care of the pool. There is also a learning curve for how to maintain a pool, so this is another thing to keep in mind when making your decision.

What Insurance Do I Need For A Pool?

The cost for homeowners insurance will go up if you buy a pool or a home that has one. This is because a pool makes it more likely for either the property to get damaged or somebody to get injured. In light of this, homeowners that have pools should buy what is known as an umbrella policy, and have it cover anywhere from $250,000 to $1,000,000 in liability insurance. If something were to happen to your pool or somebody visiting your pool, the umbrella policy will greatly soften the blow of having to pay for damages out of your own pocket. With just basic homeowners insurance, it may be highly unlikely that your insurance provider will be able to cover any pool-related incidents.

Does The Pool Meet State And Local Regulations?

This is a more infrequent concern among homeowners in search of Newport Beach Homes For Sale. However, when a pool becomes uninsurable, it will also be deemed too dangerous for you and others to use. With that said, you will want to have concrete information and documentation about the pool. Such documentation includes permits from the pool’s construction, house plans, any proof of repairs, possible warranties and how much time left they are honored for, etc. If the seller cannot give you these documents, then do not buy the home. You don’t want to make a move with such uncertainty surrounding it.